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Mandela Scholars Visit E.B. HOPE Drop In.

E.B. Hope Outreach had 5 very special visitors during the July 20th Outreach Drop In Session.  Mandela Grantee Scholars; Emmanuel Baba Aduku – Nigeria( a Research Associate at the Center for Public Policy Alternatives), Jimmy Landford Williams – Liberia ( is an Investigator for the Liberia National Police,), Karamatou Eyitayo Sanny (is a student at Sorbonne University in Paris, where she focuses on a research program for her Ph.D. degree in Comparative Law. She is also member of Association of Young Lawyers of Benin)- Benin, Fareeda Serwaa Brobbey ( a hospital and community pharmacist. She is the founder of the Endometriosis Foundation Ghana, a non-profit organization focused on spreading awareness, advocacy and public education on endometriosis)- Ghana, Laura Anyijap Njuzy epse Morfaw (s a Magistrate by training, and works as a State Prosecutor)- Cameroon, Rindra Ny Aina Rabearivony (is in charge of communication at the Faculty of Law, Economy, Management, and Sociology at the University of Antananarivo. Moreover, she is a lecturer at Iscam Madagascar, a business school, in the field of Human Resources Managemen) – Madagascar.

X=visited our Drop In


They spent time with Hillary from the Brockton Area Opioid Overdose Prevention Collaborative learning the importance of overdose prevention, as well as NARCAN training from Edith at BAMSI teaching

They also heard from Chief Scott Allen regarding the important role our Police Department now plays in helping those suffering with Substance Use disorder find treatment and resources and finally from our Recovery Coach Shawn Salisbury who shared his journey and the role he plays in helping others choose recovery.  Better Mandela