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EB HOPE Drop-In Center May 4th

EB HOPE Drop-In Center Doors are Open this Thursday from 5:00-9:00pm

EB HOPE is now entering its 18th month of operation (doors opened in November of 2015) and to date has seen 576 individuals come through our doors, who are welcomed and introduced to all of the region’s treatment and recovery organizations.   The Drop-In Center model has spread throughout the state and beyond.  EB HOPE’s sister partner, Plymouth’s Project Outreach, opened its own Drop-In Center to run opposite weeks of EB HOPE’s.  Plymouth’s Drop-In has had 148 visitors to date, bringing the total number of Drop-In Center visitors in Plymouth County in 18 months to 724 persons who have received some level of assistance.  In addition, another partner, the Brockton Champion Plan has placed over 500 individuals into treatment in just over a year.

The Drop-In Centers provide a welcoming environment to those suffering from Substance Use Disorders. At the Drop-In Center there are also resources to help family members and loved ones of those suffering from Substance Use Disorders, as well as any concerned community members.

If you or someone you know suffers from Substance Use Disorder please consider visiting our Outreach Drop-In Center this Thursday from 5:00pm-9:00pm at the Community Covenant Church (400 Pleasant Street, East Bridgewater, MA). EB HOPE will help anyone, regardless of where you are from. We have assisted individuals from 44 different towns and cities across the state.

We provide access to Narcan training and have provided training and Narcan kits to over 200 individuals. We have licensed clinicians at the Drop-In Center that have assisted 146 individuals to help them find the best treatment option for them, because treatment and recovery are unique to each individual’s needs.

During our Outreach Drop-In Center, we also have Recovery Angels there to offer peer-to-peer mentoring and support. The Angels are overseen by a Certified Recovery Coach, that has completed hours of specialized training. EB HOPE Director Susan Silva remarked about the Angels, “When sitting with a family whose lives have been torn apart due to Substance Use Disorder, having someone like a Recovery Angel there to help the family understand just what is happening with their loved one and at the same time be an example of HOPE to them is what makes our outreach initiative different than any other that is out there.  I truly believe that the outreach drop in wouldn’t be the success it is without our Team of Recovery Angels!”

Our next Drop-In Center session opens at 5:00pm this Thursday, May 4, 2017 at 400 Pleasant Street, East Bridgewater. If you or someone you know is suffering from Substance Use Disorder, please considering coming by this Thursday.  The Drop-In Center session remains open until 9 pm.

Future Drop-In Center Dates:

Tuesday, May 9th, Plymouth Drop-In, New Hope Chapel, 89 Court Street, Plymouth, 5-9 pm

Thursday, May 17th, EB HOPE Drop-In, EB Community Covenant Church, 5-9 pm

Tuesday, May 23, Plymouth Drop-In, 89 Court Street, Plymouth, 5-9 pm