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Host Scott Allen talks with Tim Cruz of the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, Dr. Daniel Muse, Emergency Medicine at Brockton Hospital and Director of Sport Smart, and Stephen Marciano, local community member and brother to Peter Marciano who tragically lost his life to Substance Use Disorder. Scott Allen asks questions and facilitates discussion surrounding the current opioid epidemic, shining a light on new issues that have arisen in fighting this particular epidemic.

Peter Spagone hosts Shawn Salisbury and Colleen Coyle, two people who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Shawn and Colleen field questions from Peter about their addiction, how it evolved, how it affected their lives and loved ones, and ultimately how they got sober.

Detective Sergeant Scott Allen and Superintendent of East Bridgewater Public Schools Liz Legault talk with Peter Spagone and stress the importance of educating the youth and keeping them safe. They note that parental substance abuse can affect development and behavior of the child as well as increasing likelihood of their own future substance abuse.

Hillary Dubois and Amanda Sandoval of the Brockton Area Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative talk about the work they do within Brockton as well as how they have tried to reach out and expand to other communities based on increased need. They do so through education and primary, secondary, and tertiary forms of opioid abuse prevent.

Pastor Don Olson, of the Community Covenant Church in East Bridgewater, and Susan Silva, Director of EB HOPE, explain their personal reasons for being a part of EB HOPE. They discuss the need to help and support users, addicts, and families while lessening the stigma that comes along with it.

Three East Bridgewater High School students from the S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club join Peter Spagone. The members promote their group and reflect upon the different aspects of the current opioid epidemic and addiction.

Peter Spagone hosts Dr. Dan Muse, who discusses the unintentional creation of a generation of addicts through excessive use of prescription opioids. He stresses early, often, and universal education because this problem can reach anyone.

Peter Spagone speaks with Sean Merrill, from Teen Challenge, and his mother, Cheryl Juaire, who lost a son to an overdose in 2011. Sean speaks of his recovery with Teen Challenge after attending 8 other treatment programs and being addicted for over 10 years.

Tim Cruz, Stephen Marciano, and Dr. Dan Muse joined Scott Allen in speaking about their personal experiences with the opioid epidemic. The overall message is that everyone and anyone can be affected by this disease, which is demonstrated by the changing and shift in demographic of those affected.

In this continuation, guests spoke about the power, impact, and stigma associated with opioid use and addiction, which often keeps individuals and families from seeking help. They discussed an increase in the number of deaths and how it now affects a much younger population. Working together with community programs, hospitals, and other coalitions is key to positive change.