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A Mother’s Heart…

I am the mother of an addict, who had to come to the place where I understood that I was enabling, and with that news firmly stuck in my heart, I began the process of letting go of my prodigal and letting God do what He had to do.

It is in that process I created my blog.  Walking through this journey as the parent of an addict I needed an outlet for my thoughts, feelings and experiences.  Although much of our journey’s as parents of addicts will look alike, we will each find our way down the road using different helps.

For me, my faith in God and my walk with Him is what has carried me thus far.  You will find Him in each of my blog posts.  He has carried me, strengthened me, and has taught me endurance and given me Hope.

He also placed in my heart a desire to help others, its out of that desire came the beginnings of what is now EB HOPE, Inc.  In April of 2011 the “accidental activist” in me was born.  The first breath of activisim  started with writing letters to the Department Heads in our town of East Bridgewater.  In those letters, I shared our family’s story, that is was not easy enduring the pain and stigma that addiction brings on a family, that I was willing to be a voice in our community to help break down the walls of stigma and shame.

Police Chief John Cowan responded.

It was from that phone call and meeting around the conference table at the East Bridgewater Police Department that E.B. Hope was birthed.  Our very first initiative called ‘Don’t be Blindsided” focused on recognizing the signs, symptoms and paraphernalia of Opioid and Heroin use and misuse.  We provided teaching on Prevention as well as offering HOPE that Recovery happens and introducing Local Treatment Providers.

From this event a Coalition was born, many key stakeholder from the community joined us at that conference table at the Police Station. In 2013 we became a Massachusetts Non-Profit.

To learn more about Who EB HOPE is and what we are doing visit our About Us page.

If you’d like to read more about our family’s journey visit my personal blog page at A Mothers Heart.

I pray you find Hope in your Journey. 

Susan Silva